What a fantastic beginning of the year!

We are pretty happy about this new year.
We started the year with TWO performances. They have been not only fun, but special for different reasons. 

Performance number ONE took place at home. We performed at the occasion of the carnival party for Slovak and Czech people living in Geneva. We performed our beloved Myjava and it was amazing to see how people experienced the dances in such a different way. We brought Slovakia a little bit closer to them! 

Performance number TWO was back in VEVEY! Where we performed last year. But this time in a beautiful building. The most special part was seeing perform some of our newest members (they did amazing!). We dance a new choreography from the region of Kyjov, in the east part of Czech Republic. We were very happy to be there one more time and we are already excited for the next time. 
Here are some images from behind the scenes: 

Now we are back training new members and planning our next performances. The next one will be the 4th of May in GENEVA!!!!!