2020 RECAP

For the majority of people, 2020 has been a difficult year. Nevertheless, it was the year, we all realized that health comes first, even if that means that we will be stuck at home all day, we will limit our socialize encounters, we will pause almost all our activities and important holidays, such as Easter or Christmas will be different. Because of this situation, we weren't able to have our trainings for the majority of the year. We only had 4 performances, 2 before the pandemic started and 2 between the 1st and the 2nd wave. Here you have a small recap! 1. Fašiangová - Carnival party @ Meyrin, Geneva 11.01.2020     It is always special to dance for our Slovak community in Geneva. We danced Czech and Moravian       d ances + the flaškovy dance. 2. Fašiangová - Carnival party @ Zürich 11.02.2020      The Slovak ensemble Furmanka invited FS Kamzik to dance at the carnival party they organized in      Zürich. It was an honor to dance with our friends and get together for a fun event

A strong community - SLOVAK.CH

During this weird period due to the Coronavirus, our group ensemble has stopped all trainings and canceled all our performances for the upcoming months. Like many other people, we are also stuck in Geneva without being able to see our families in Slovakia or the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, we have build a nice and strong community that has been one of the many reasons to keep us going during this time. Checking web pages such as  keeps us informed about new updates, as well as connected with other Slovaks and Czechs around Switzerland. Stay safe and we hope that, slowly, everything will go back to normal. Hopefully, see you soon!  The group

June, lovely June

June is the month of fathers, of "finally it's summer" of watermelon and cherries and the month of multicultural festivals.  This year we went to the bbq held by the permanent mission of Czech Republic and Slovak Republic at the UN. That was very special for us, just because dancing for our people and watching them enjoy a little bit of their culture while they have their home far away, makes us happy.  Then, we attended for the second year, the Nendaz fête interculturelle where we danced but also we watched groups ensembles from Serbia, Italy and Portugal dance. We totally recommend you to attend this event every year, not because you can see us dance, but also it is very fun to look at the mixture of different cultures with their food, music and people. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, Nendaz!